Interested in joining the Alaska Angel Conference 2020 as an Investor?

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Connect with Alaskan entrepreneurs

There are strict rules that govern how discussions with investors can take place; therefore, information on the website is limited.

In order for AAC to be successful, seasoned community-minded investors participate alongside novice first-time investors. Each investor purchases a unit in the LLC, and the funds are pooled to create an investment of approximately $100,000 or more, to be invested the day of the conference on April 23, 2020. In the weeks leading up to AAC, investors review the deals, negotiate term sheets, perform due diligence, share their insights, and narrow the number of companies until only the finalists remain. In order to participate as an investor or entrepreneur, the Angel Conference must confirm Alaskan residency. 

On the day of the AAC, the conference finalists will make their final pitches and the investors will select the company that will receive the investment.

This is not an offer to sell securities.