10/9/19What is Angel Investing?
9Mile Labs' Kevin Croy covers the previous Alaska Angel Conference and covers the basics of angel investing.
What Is Angel Investing? - SlideshowWhat is Angel Investing? - Youtube
10/16/19Angel 101
Will Fowler of Signal Rock Capital will be providing a deeper dive into angel investing. He will explore the risks, how returns work, how evaluations are set, etc.
Angel 101 - SlideshowAngel 101 - Youtube
10/23/19What is due diligence?Due Diligence Presentation - PowerpointWhat is due diligence? - Youtube
10/30/19Pitch DeconstructionPitch Deconstruction - Slideshow
11/6/19Term SheetsTerm Sheets - SlideshowTerm Sheets - Youtube
11/13/19Reading startup financials for Angel InvestorsStartup Financials - Slideshow
12/4/19Investor PanelInvestor Panel - Youtube
1/15/19Entrepreneur Applications // Free WorkshopYoutube